Understand your team and build a happier, healthier and more productive workplace

Hug is a platform that helps you to support your team. It offers holistic real time analysis of your employee wellbeing and smart matches products, services and benefits to employee needs.

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At hug we are not concerned with corporate buzz words, we care about facts and evidence based methods to deliver real time holistic support for your employees.

We want you to gain critical insights on your workforce and use hug data to measure the impact of products and services you offer employees.

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  • What exactly does Hug do?

    The HUG platform was built with people at its heart, opening feedback channels that focus on four different distinct modules; engagement at work, mental health, lifestyle and financial health.

    The modules are based on tried and tested, psychologically proven techniques to derive and stimulate a genuine response to the questionnaires. Each employee, regardless of standing within the company, fills out an easy to use questionnaire, on either a tablet, smart phone or desktop computer – whichever way suits them, whenever it suits them.

    These completely anonymous insights enable full reporting on a companywide view of the workforce, indicating common themes perhaps where employees themselves feel that they have training gaps, whether they need support with their wellbeing or if they feel fulfilled in the office, and at home.

    These comprehensions often highlight some clear actions and improvements to enable you to build and support your best workforce possible. But don’t worry, you aren’t on your own to trawl through the data. The platform instinctively suggests pathways for each individual, which could be NHS choices guides for better sleep, sign posts to help with debt management or even discounts on gym memberships to help employees get fitter and healthier.

  • Why does employee health and wellbeing matter?

    In recent surveys:

    ⚪ Mental stress costs UK businesses an average £522per employee per year

    ⚪ 46% of employees felt their employer didn’t care about their health

    ⚪ 33% of employees have lost sleep worrying about their finances

    ⚪ 45% of employees have considered leaving a job due to stress

    ⚪ Engaged employees are up to 43% more productive

    In a typical business:

    ⚫ A third of employees are actively engaged, which is good

    ⚫ Half are disengaged, not so good…

    ⚫ The remainder are actively disengaged, which is really not good

    Wouldn’t you like to be the employer that retains the best talent, without incurring absence related costs, and continues to get the best from their employees?

  • How will understanding my team help to build productivity?

    To truly understand a team, you need to understand your people. People aren’t just defined by their job role, their personality and their out of work lives all come into play.

    Sometimes people can be struggling with debt, coping with sleeping problems or simply feeling underappreciated in the home – all of these factors, and many more, can affect how people arrive to work in the morning.

    Even with the best HR team in place, many of us have been guilty in the past of grinning and bearing it, but then being distracted throughout the working day whilst our mind wanders – wouldn’t it be great if you could sign post an employee to a resource that could help clear their mind, all without them having to put their head above the parapet? With complete anonymity the employee can get the support they need, without fearing judgement or different treatment after.

  • I already use separate systems for employee rewards and engagement tools– how will hug work with these?

    HUG was developed to solve a specific gap in the market, which was how to understand the wellness of any size work force and to incorporate elements beyond just the standard engagement survey.

    Hug will happily run alongside your existing systems and can be adapted to transfer data from one system to another if needed.

  • How quickly can we implement hug?

    We’d typically allow a calendar month to setup the hug programme with you. That usually allows enough time to upload staff data, customise the portal and run a communication and launch programme with you.

    The larger or more complex your business is, the longer it may take.

    If you need hug sooner, we’ll always try and accommodate your needs.

  • So how much will it cost?

    At hug we don’t want any business to feel they can’t afford our programmes, so we’ve tried to keep our fees as cost effective and manageable as possible.

    Regardless of your size, location or complexity, we have a simple ongoing employee licence fee along with a single, one-off setup fee. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation.

  • We are only a small company, will hug still be effective for us for the cost?

    Our subscription pricing is always based per employee – whether you have 5 employees or 500,000! We believe that a great work life balance should be accessible to all regardless of whether they work for a start-up, SME or large conglomerate. The system is simple to use and even if you do not have a dedicated HR team within your company, the platform will work for you too.

    Request a demonstration to see how this might work for your team...

  • Why are we called Hug?

    Receiving a sincere, open and honest hug was the start of our journey. The type of hug that makes you feel understood, and not judged. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we all felt like that at work?